$ tunl

with tunl, you share your local services with the internet in a matter of seconds.

Secure, fast and free
[ABOUT] - tunl is

🚀 Fast
Our light-weight communication protocol is designed for low latency and high troughput

🔐 Secure
End-to-end symmetric cryptography is used to keep your data private and secure

🎓 Proven
Build with proven technology trusted by the best companies in the world

👍 Simple
Distributed as a single binary package with a clear command line interface

☁ Modern
Supports modern protocols like IPv6, QUIC and KCP

📦 Flexible
Works on every modern platform and architecture

Expose HTTP and TCP services, Docker containers, Directories and webdav to the internet.
Whether you have a Docker container, NodeJS service, MySQL databse running on your local network, with tunl, you can create a public and secure internet address in a matter of seconds.
Check it out:

Expose NodeJS service running port 3000

$ tunl http localhost:3000

https://red-fox.tunl.es -> localhost:3000